Sabor del Cielo

Branding and Package Design

Sabor del Cielo: taste of heaven.

Master distiller, Arturo Escalante, oversees production of artisanal, small-batch tequila using hand-harvested agave. Dedicated aficionados experience the care of craft in the taste and at every touchpoint of the packaging.

This luxury tequila brand is an unchosen client concept (name and accompanying information changed).

Date Completed
September 2020

Designer & Art Director

A close up of Sabor del Cielo's Reposado tequila label, shown at an angle.
A bottle of Sabor del Cielo's plata tequila on a dark background. It says Sabor del Cielo behind it faintly.
A stationery set for Sabor del Cielo shown at an angle including business cards, a coaster, and a letter.
Sales sheets for Sabor del Cielo, front and back shown at an angle.